Thanks so much to our loyal Neopel Product customers!

Subject: First time user

Message: Hi there. I just wanted to let you know I tried your miraculous shampoo and conditioner from Cornupocia. I cannot stop talking about it. Everything about your brand I want to support: female owned, local, herbal, etc. Thank you for creating hair products that informed consumers like myself just gush over! I noticed a difference right away. After two months of using your shampoo and conditioner my hair is visibly much longer than it would be normally and the strands of hair themselves are nourished and thick looking. My friends notice my hair improvement and it's just simply amazing. I love the very light scent. I love the natural ingredients. Everything about your product line is top-notch and I want to make sure I always use your Neopel Products. This is the best hair product I've ever tried. Thank you for providing it to the public!!!!

Name: Miriam Weber

I’ve been using Neopel for about 10 months now. My sister says she sees my hair getting thicker and it is growing faster now.  One unexpected benefit is that I’ve also gained back some natural color to my hair.  I have a picture of me at a Valentine’s dance where my hair was completely white.  It now has some dark coloring to it.  I would definitely recommend Neopel products for every day use. I’m very satisfied and never going to use another shampoo or conditioner. 


Helen R.


Artie and Maria have been cutting my hair for about 20 years.  I started using their Neopel shampoo, spray and conditioner products 10 years ago.  I was losing much of my hair until I started using the products on a regular basis. In addition to reducing my hair loss, I’ve also noticed that my scalp is a lot healthier and free from irritations now.  I’m extremely grateful for having found these products, and would recommend Neopel to everyone. I’ve been in the shop when people from the Hill Country and other places around the state have made a special trips to purchase the products.  I want to wish Artie and Maria much luck in distributing Neopel online and through other stores around Texas.  These are wonderful products everyone should have the opportunity to try for themselves.


Pastor Odell


I discovered Neopel products while visiting family in San Antonio. I was having a problem with hair loss due to stress, and my sister-in -law suggested I try her shampoo and conditioner. She has been a faithful user for many years, and has a beautiful head of hair. I used it for the time I was in Texas, and then ordered it upon my return home. Maria was amazing to speak with, and extremely helpful. I cannot believe the difference in my hair! Shiny and so healthy looking. Also the thin spots are filling in, and not nearly as noticeable. I will not ever use any other products on my hair!!
Thank you for an amazing product.


Phyllis S/Pennsylvania


Hi. It is my great pleasure to let you all know about some great hair products called Neopel. The shampoo is the best I have ever used and I have used it religiously for the past 15 years or more. The conditioner is also a fabulous product which leaves your hair silky smooth using a small amount, dime size. Both Arty and Maria are people who deliver an unequalled product!

Peter C. / San Antonio


In June of 2005 I began experiencing a lot of hair loss.  It was getting pretty embarrassing to see my scalp every time I looked in the mirror. Though I didn't live in San Antonio I visited my sister there.  She had heard about Arty's Neopel products so we drove to his salon to check it out.  He had SO much hair!  We decided to give it a try and each of us bought a small bottle.  By the time I was half way through that first bottle I was sold and so was she!  I have been purchasing the shampoo ever since that time.  Lately my younger daughter stated that she was finding lots of hair in her shower drain and that her had seemed much thinner.  I gave her some of my shampoo to try and her hairdresser is amazed at the new hair growth she has experienced in just a few months.


So yes....we are loyal to Neopel.  I even have it mailed to me since I don't live in SA.


Linda C. (Las Vegas) 


Twenty plus years ago, my hair was falling out in globs.  My hair stylist recommended  that I should start using Neopel Shampoo to stop my hair loss.  I was very skeptical even though I was given very simple instructions as to the correct use.  I followed those instructions to the letter and the t.  Within a few weeks, my hair gradually stopped falling out.  Since that day, I have used Neopel Shampoo every day 

with 100 per cent success.  My hair smells great, feels great , looks great...and have had no more hair loss.  I would highly recommend Neopel Shampoo to anyone looking for a great shampoo!

A satisfied customer...Diz R. Sr.---San Antonio.

I have been using Neopel hair products for more than 10 years.  Itching and dry scalp have been gone ever since I started using this shampoo.


Tom L.


A couple of years ago, my hair starting thinning significantly.  I tried all sorts of things, including some injections, but nothing seemed to work.  I happened to hear about the natural Neopel products and gave them a try.  Well, to my complete surprise, hair stopped falling out. My family has definitely noticed, and they’ve all started using Neopel. My young girls love the conditioner because it leaves their hair soft.  I am very thankful to have found Arty’s and Maria’s Neopel products.  I would highly recommend Neopel for your family.


Liz G.


I have been using Neopel Products for over a year and love the results I have gotten with my hair. It was dull falling out and now I have new growth, a beautiful shine and won't use any other hair product. Thank you Maria for helping me save my hair.....Love you and will be seeing you soon !!!

Barbara R/San Antonio