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The Neopel motto: Treat your hair well! The Neopel product line will help you take care and control dandruff, psoriasis, itchy scalp and other scalp disorders. Our conditioner tames frizz, gives your hair sheen and fullness!  

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Neopel.  Treat your hair well!

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Designed for Daily Use

Neopel Hair Products are designed and recommended for daily use.  Each bottle of Neopel is hand made from 87 different herbal extracts, which are specifically chosen for high vitamin content. Neopel will control dried split ends and nourish your scalp with natures best ingredients.

Hair Restoration

Most people know that hair loss is hereditary. The condition occurs when the growth phase of the hair growth cycle becomes shorter. A genetic sensitivity to androgen causes hair follicles (where hair growth begins) to sprout hairs that are thinner.  Eventually, the follicles die away. Neopel products and help from a certified trichologist can help.

 Here's how.

More Neopel Benefits

Because Neopel is developed from high-vitamin herbal extracts, you can use our products for various grooming needs. Pets can benefit from our Neopel products, they also suffer from seasonal allergies and our shampoo is formulated to help with itchiness.The conditioner can also help to detangle and will add luster to their coat.

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