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Treat your hair well.

Our Goal

Neopel products help you take care and control dandruff, psoriasis, itchy scalp and other scalp disorders. Our conditioner tames frizz, gives your hair sheen and fullness!  

Just call, come by or order online.  

Neopel.  Treat your hair well!

Flowers in Hair


We strive to provide high quality products that render noticeable difference. Take a look at the before and after photos below. 


Hair Loss & Restoration

Hair loss is not always hereditary. It can affect your scalp or entire body. Hair Loss can be temporary or permanent. Some causes are medical, childbirth, aging, and hereditary. Our consultations are free. Schedule an appointment today!

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Designed for Daily Use

Neopel Hair Products are designed and recommended for daily use.  Each bottle of Neopel is hand made from 57 different herbal extracts, which are specifically chosen for high vitamin content. Neopel will control dried split ends and nourish your scalp with natures best ingredients.


More Neopel Benefits

Because Neopel is developed from high-vitamin herbal extracts, you can use our products for various grooming needs. Along with adding sheen and luster to the hair the conditioner also doubles very well as a shaving cream for both men and women!

What our customers say

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Twenty plus years ago, my hair was falling out in globs.  My hair stylist recommended  that I should start using Neopel Shampoo to stop my hair loss.  I was very skeptical even though I was given very simple instructions as to the correct use.  I followed those instructions to the letter and the t.  Within a few weeks, my hair gradually stopped falling out.  Since that day, I have used Neopel Shampoo every day with 100 per cent success.  My hair smells great, feels great , looks great...and have had no more hair loss.  I would highly recommend Neopel Shampoo to anyone looking for a great shampoo! A satisfied customer.

​Tom L.

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