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Local pickup and meetups may be available in and around the San Antonio area. Contact Maria Reyna 210-508-3793.


You can also find Neopel Hair Products in San Marcos at:

The Cornucopia, A Natural Foods Market

1104 Thorpe Lane, Suite J,


Neopel Hair Product Prices

Neopel Hair Products are reasonably priced and designed to be used daily.

There are several different sizes for each of our products.  We know you'll

enjoy the great feeling they will bring to your hair and scalp.



New Products

Neopel 32 oz         _____________  $45

Neopel 16 oz         _____________  $32

Neopel   8 oz         _____________  $22



Neopel 32 oz         _____________  $45

Neopel 16 oz         _____________  $32

Neopel   8 oz         _____________  $22



We are excited to announce new products from Neopel:

Neocream 2oz --------------  $30

NeoGel 2oz -----------------  $20 

Spray Treatment 8oz -----  $30


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