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Neopel Hair System is designed and recommended to be used every day or at least every other day to achieve the best results possible. The Neopel Hair System consists of the Shampoo, Conditioner, Spray Treatment, NeoGel and our newest product, NeoCream. Neopel products are color friendly, herbal based, and environmentally safe. We recommend that you discontinue using over-the-counter products since most contain ingredients that will affect the results of the Neopel Hair System. Apply a nickel to a quarter size portion of Neopel Shampoo depending on the length of the hair, massage well, concentrating on the hairline/cowlick areas which are usually the problem areas. After thoroughly massaging onto hair/scalp, leave the shampoo on for 5 minutes or duration of shower/bath. The more you shampoo your hair, longer you leave in, the better results.


Neopel Conditioner should be used after shampooing. Also depending on length of hair, massage well onto the hair. You have the option to leave in/rinse out the conditioner. We recommend  to leave some  conditioner in the hair to help control fly-away, control frizzy hair. You may also use it as a grooming aid. Apply a small amount to towel dried hair, blow dry if necessary. Shaving tip for men: The conditioner can be used as a shaving aid by massaging onto face/beard stubble, shave/rinse. Shaving tip for Women: Massage onto desired areas, shave/rinse.  


How to use Neopel Spray Treatment: Spray treatment allows superficial hair to jump start its push for hair growth. The herb extracts open the pores and stimulates hair follicles when sprayed onto the scalp. It also helps to control scalp problems such as itching of scalp/dandruff/oily residue/psoriasis. Spray liberally starting around all the hairline/cowlick area, on to the rest of the scalp. Massage well. Keep refrigerated after each use, shake lightly if product has settled.


How to use Neocream: Apply evenly onto face, neck, or hands daily to see the best results. Neocream is very concentrated so not much is needed. It is a great moisturizer, and it is formulated for morning and nightly use. When using it on your face, apply Neocream and allow to settle (5 mins or so) before continuing with your makeup routine, helps in reducing fine lines, soothes Rosacea.

Remember that all of our Neopel products are also Pet friendly! Next time Rosco or Goliath need a bath, grab the Neopel products to ensure that you are using the best!!! With all the allergens out right now, make sure that you are using a product, like Neopel, that is organic and safe for your beloved pet. As always - ensure that you are careful to keep the products out of your pets eyes!

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