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About Neopel

Neopel hair products are formulated to be used daily for best results. 

Our claim about our Neopel product line is:  They are formulated to help you maintain the hair you currently have. They promote new growth within 3 months, if not sooner with proper use. Customers growth pattern vary, since most everyone's scalp/hair reacts differently.

About Our Products

Your scalp will be cleaner and healthier. The herbs in Neopel Products are imported from other countries. The extracts made from these herbs are mixed to make conditioners, shampoos, spray treatments, hair gel and creams. These herbs are known as having medicinal and curative value. Our combination of herbs are powerful and potent enough to help control hair loss, scalp problems and some skin conditions ranging from chronic to mild psoriasis, scalp irritations and itchiness. Pure water and rosemary extract help remove medication and oily residue. Other herbal extracts opens scalp pores and stimulates hair follicles. ​

As a professional hair stylist of over 49 years, one of my main concerns are my customers, friends and relatives hair and scalp issues. Aside from any terminal illnesses, stress is considered the number 1 reason for hair loss. Most of us internalize our personal issues. "We are what we eat" "It starts from the inside out" - these are well known statements. Exercise, healthy eating, Vitamin B12 complete are key in maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails.

Our Neopel herbal products are formulated to help with hair loss and other scalp/skin issues.

We have been around since 1994 and are not a 'fly by night' deal.

We offer: Money Back Guarantee

Meet the Team

Arty .webp

Inventor of Neopel Products

Arturo Escobar, The Hair Guru

Created in 1994


After suffering a major stroke in 2010, Arty 'the hair guru' continues to be involved in the research and formulation of all new and existing Neopel products.

Health-wise, he is doing awesome and will be celebrating his 67th birthday on May 31st. He is healthy and happy and is still excited to be part of the growth of Neopel.



Maria E Reyna - Certified Trichologist, Hair Stylist (51 yrs)

In 2011 after becoming the care taker for her brother Arty, they began working towards rebuilding the company. They have continuously worked towards the perfect combination of herbs to create the best product available for hair loss and hair restoration.

Maria continues to study and research the newest developments in hair restoration and scalp health. Currently she is on her way to becoming certified in the usage of essential oils. 

About Trichology - What is it?

Trichology is the study of hair and scalp disorders.


Trichology is the para-medical scientific study of the hair, hair loss, and associated scalp problems.


A Certified Trichologist is a hair loss and scalp specialist. They are trained to look for hair loss problems in a holistic way by evaluating clients on the basis of personal history, lifestyle, genetic factors and environmental conditions. Based on this consultation, a trichologist is able to suggest "individualized treatment", nutritional advise, or recommend lifestyle changes to improve the health and appearance of the hair and scalp.

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