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I'm always researching hair!

Studies and up close photos have shown that the scalp will start to look like tiny sand dunes or tiny crevices at the base of each hair strand. Buildup of dried oil, dead skin, dry shampoo and other hair products around the follicle cause these issues. Hair can start to look thinner or finer because of the lack of scalp care. 

For the average person, not shampooing for more than a day or two can set you up for problems. When the scalp is truly clean, it shows in the hair. Hair will be fuller as there will be nothing sitting on the hair follicle weighing down the hair.

The proper shampooing technique can be beneficial. "Washing your hair" is not an accurate representation of what needs to happen. Some people don't even make contact with the scalp when they shampoo, they put a squirt of shampoo on there hands and swirl it around the hair. They also miss over areas like the nape of the neck and the sides of the head. Avoiding these important area can lead to massive buildup. 

Scalp care is an essential step of hair care. A good shampoo followed by a "gentle but firm" scrubbing is required to unclog the skin. Our Neopel Products and finger pressure while shampooing stimulates and nourishes blood circulation to the hair follicles.

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